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Bringing digital marketing and business strategy training and consulting to clients in the SME space.

Get help to see your vision and communicate your differentiator.

See the usual things in unusual ways.

Through a highly collaborative process, your business and communication needs are assessed.  

Whether your greatest need is training, workshopping, strategy or coaching; Candice will draw along side you to help shape your desired outcome.

Candice De Carvalho has a thoroughly brilliant mind and will reduce the most complex concepts to an easily understood linear format where everyone is included and forms part of the conversation. She is a wonderfully considerate person and her empathy, and innovative approach to business means the foundation for project success is ensured.
Stephan Bunyard
Business Director, Gone Digital
Gain the confidence to take control of your digital marketing messages and strategy.



Are you distinguished among competitors for your niche, differentiated offering? Do you communicate messages that set you apart?

I will work with you to get to the focal point of your differentiators.

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Candice’s personality is warm and engaging and her unique ability to see the big picture early on, combined with her wealth of experience in the Digital Marketing arena makes her a truly valuable asset to any company or client. She certainly was for ours.

Marc Ries, Love2Learn

Candice is one of the most enthusiastic and intelligent social media experts in the field. Her passion is addictive and her creative spirit is admirable. I have always enjoyed working with Candice simply because she brings so much to the table in research, intellect, strategy and experience.

Mike Saunders, CEO DigitLab

Training on the digital marketing funnel process – key concepts and applications.

Top of funnel ‘Reach’ strategies – workshop the best ways to raise awareness at the top of the funnel

Your digital customer target – understand your customer in the digital space. 

Build a solid reputation – how to progress a customer through the funnel.  Including re-targeting and digital lead magnets.

About Candice

People often ask me how I went from human genetics, to PR, to medical ethics and then to fashion PR and owning my own sucessful boutique digital marketing agency in a volatile economy…in one word, curiosity.  In more words… well that’s what the read more is for.


Training & Workshops

Get online, one-on-one and group strategy training and workshop sessions. 

  • Participate in workshop sessions which include training as well as brainstorming.

  • Join a group training and workshop session either with your own team or with others.

  • Enjoy one-on-one strategy sessions where a blend of training and strategising is done collaboratively.

SME Unique Brand Positioning Course & Consulting

Small and medium business tend to run into a messaging problem where they communicate a good message, such as ‘we deliver fresh organic food’, rather than a unique message.  So what happens, is that their target audience don’t really know why they are unique and why they stand out among competitors. 

SMEs have a tough time working on that unique message when they have so much else going on! 

That’s why I created this course, coaching and consulting process to get them to arrive at a professionally crafted message to send out on digital as well as traditional platforms. 

View more info here.

This is more than an online course as it includes group coaching and individual consulting.


I cringe when I see, particularly small to medium businesses, marketing themselves with generic, ‘good’ messages.  Appeal to everyone and win no one.  Develop a niche message and increase your profitability.


What benefit are you really providing to customers? You may be surprised that your most exciting product offering is not the real reason people want to work with you.


Let’s explore what value-add you can create that builds your credibility.  A full explanation of lead magnets, with a creative workshop and cheat sheet are provided.


Reviewing the need for digital advertising and the understanding the paid vs. organic options.  Setting a budget and choosing the right supplier.


I share my classic analogy – the pair of red shoes that follows me around the internet! Why and how remarketing is used and whether it is a strategic move on your part.


Do you find that your less-experienced staff suffer with overwhelm and don’t seem to be able to juggle their workload?  Candice has designed a one-day programme especially to coach and mentor junior staff.

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